Service pour sinistres mineurs

Service for minor water damage

Cutting-edge autonomous drying expertise

The solution for non-destructive management of minor damages. Equipment, diagnosis, comprehensive remediation for water-related incidents. Take precise control and maximize your efficiency with Assekur.

Handling your water damage with expert precision

Assekur aims to empower our clients in managing their damage autonomously, providing a set of equipment validated through countless assignments. This toolkit equips industries requiring an emergency plan for minor damages, enabling them to be equipped like experts.

Simple process, immediate results

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Step 1


The Assekur toolkit serves as your asset for embarking on the essential first step: assessing damages and affected areas. A diverse range of tools is at your disposal, enabling you to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis and strategically plan your approach. The goal is to enhance your productivity while considering the specific needs of each of your structures.

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Step 2


Simplify the setup of the second phase with the Assekur kit, which includes all the necessary equipment and tools for professional-grade work, autonomously. Easily implement the air injection system, thus bypassing the inconveniences of demolition. This approach aligns with our results-oriented strategy, tailored to the specificities of each of your structures.

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Step 3


Reap the rewards of the most gratifying phase with expert drying. Harness patented and proven equipment for effective removal of all traces of moisture. Utilize our Secur management software to monitor the drying progress in real time, enabling you to resume your activities as swiftly as possible.

Step 4


The validation phase is the final and crucial step. It allows you to ensure that the treated structures are completely free of moisture, thus signifying the completion of the project. At this stage, a final photo of the current condition is taken, providing visual proof of the drying's success and ensuring lasting results. Once this step is accomplished, the equipment is carefully stored in preparation for the next intervention.

Benefits that speak volume




Assekur ensures swift execution and increased autonomy. The readily available, user-friendly, and rapidly deployable equipment underscores our commitment to efficiency.

Assekur ensures cost reduction and increased autonomy. Our commitment to helping you preserve your structures translates into significant savings in resources, time, and expenses.

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Assekur prioritizes durability. User-friendly and environmentally-conscious equipment helps preserve your structures. Our commitment to efficiency aligns with a reduced environmental footprint, thanks to non-destructive methods and resource preservation.


Unparalleled intelligent protection for connected, sustainable, and healthy buildings

Diagnostic kit

Provide a clear diagnosis

Simplify your decision-making with the Assekur diagnostic kit. Clear and precise imagery helps you grasp the situation's state regarding humidity levels and temperature, expediting your operational processes.

Coffret de diagnostic

Installation kit

Tools installed and deployed like a pro

Take control of your equipment deployment with the Assekur installation kit. It includes all the necessary tools for discreet, swift, and precise installation of drying equipment.

Injection kit

Patented drying

The injector kit facilitates a swift and hassle-free transition to drying your structures. It includes 60 Secur-Air air injectors, capable of treating up to 80 linear feet of water-affected structures. Everything is within reach for a successful and efficient intervention with Assekur.

Unparalleled intelligent protection for connected, sustainable, and healthy buildings

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