Innovative and patented drying technology, at your service

A proven non-destructive building drying service, offering a swift return to normalcy, significant savings, reduced ecological impact, and complete peace of mind.

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Emergency drying, prompt solutions for your buildings

Address complex water damage challenges with our emergency drying service, rapid restoration, cost efficiency, and peace of mind. Mitigate structural risks and operational losses.

Creating healthy and safe spaces for all


Hospitals, clinics, long-term care centers, and other healthcare facilities rely on our specialized services to ensure a safe and sanitary environment for patients and staff.


School boards, universities, and other educational institutions rely on us to quickly restore their facilities and ensure a safe resumption of educational activities.

Commercial and
industrial establishments

Businesses, factories, warehouses, shopping malls, and other establishments can rely on us to minimize operational disruptions and preserve the value of their facilities.

Significant and complex water damage

Flawless restoration through air injection

Emergency drying service for all types of materials, adhering to hygiene and sanitation standards, as well as industry-specific protocols.

  • Total security: Priority in speed and protection
  • Guaranteed savings: Reduced costs and eliminated hidden fees
  • Lightening quick interventions: Restored materials and guaranteed efficiency

Minor water damage

Assekur: Expert drying at your fingertips

Comprehensive drying equipment rigorously tested and validated by our team of experts for independent management of water damage within your buildings and structures.

  • Total autonomy: Expertise and control
  • Swift responsiveness: Mastered drying
  • Ensured cost-effectiveness: Investment optimization

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Technological revolution to stay ahead

The Secur automated solution precisely manages your drying projects. This software compiles, analyzes, and tracks data in a secure center, automating tasks such as estimation, resource management, technique selection, monitoring, billing, and reporting. With a diagnosis completed within 6 hours for optimal performance, real-time tracking through a secure platform enables you to swiftly resume activities while retaining control.


Targeted drying innovation

Secur-Air, an innovation by Assek Technologies, directs air currents into damp wall cavities, precisely projecting air for rapid and targeted drying of all materials and surfaces. This method, proven to effectively prevent the proliferation of airborne viruses, enables you to maintain access to your premises, uphold hygiene and cleanliness standards, and ensure uninterrupted business operations.


Scientific thrust and innovative advancements

At Assek Technologies, our research and development laboratory serves as the birthplace of innovation. Utilizing advanced computer simulations, customized prototype design, and rigorous testing, we consistently push the boundaries of non-destructive building drying. Our scientific approach empowers us to optimize outcomes, ensure the quality of our inventions, and maintain industry leadership — all for your benefit.

Unparalleled intelligent protection for connected, sustainable, and healthy buildings

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