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Expert equipment

Intuitive and high-performance equipment

Explore a world of ease with our diverse sensors and equipment. From easy installation to intuitive use, our equipment provides comprehensive monitoring and control.

Easy fast deployment

Simplicity at its best. Plug in the IoT router and position your sensors. In just a few steps, your data is ready to be monitored on our Assek Technologies web application. A seamless integration that offers complete control and unparalleled ease.

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Versatile sensors for comprehensive solutions

lora sensor lora node lora controller
lora sensor


Reinvented versatility

Explore the myriad possibilities our sensors offer, specially designed for the LoRaWAN network. This all-in-one device elegantly integrates all the components necessary for efficient data acquisition and transmission. Whether measuring temperature, humidity, light, or other essential parameters, these sensors provide a comprehensive and highly customizable solution to meet your specific needs.

lora node

LoRa node

Advanced connectivity

Simplify your infrastructure with our LoRa node. Innovative and designed to extend the connectivity of your existing sensors to the LoRa network, whether through digital, analog, Modbus, or other signals, this device offers unparalleled versatility to seamlessly integrate your current sensors. Easy to install and configure, the LoRa node enhances the range and power of your network, enabling broader data monitoring and collection. Choose a scalable solution that ensures seamless connectivity between your sensors and our Assek Technologies web application.

lora controller

LoRa controller

Complete remote control

Elevate your remote management to the next level with our LoRa controller. This intelligent device provides an efficient and secure way to send commands to existing devices via the LoRa network. Its flexible interface, including Modbus, RS485, analog, and other protocols, allows you to customize interactions with your equipment. Whether you need to regulate temperature, control lighting, or other functionalities, this controller facilitates bidirectional communication, giving you full remote control.

A wide range of cutting-edge sensors

Environmental comfort

Optimal air quality

Lightning management

Damage prevention

Controlled environment

Ensure space comfort by monitoring real-time temperature and humidity with Milesight's LoRaWAN temperature and humidity sensors.

Environmental comfort

Maintain optimal air quality by monitoring particle levels and carbon dioxide with Milesight's wireless particle, CO2, and vaping sensor.

Optimal air quality

Optimize space lighting by controlling it based on motion and light levels with our LoRaWAN motion and light sensors.

Lightning management

Prevent water damage by monitoring soil moisture levels and detecting leaks with Milesight's wireless water leak and soil moisture sensors.

Damage prevention

Ensure a controlled environment with Milesight's LoRaWAN sound level and negative pressure sensors.

Controlled environment

Infinite innovation for optimal monitoring

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