Assek web application

Assek Technologies web application

Centralized and streamline management

The Assek Technologies web application revolutionizes building management by providing real-time monitoring, interactive graphical analysis, and customizable alerts. Manage the security, energy efficiency, and performance of your facilities with confidence and precision.

A web platform that speaks to you

Standardized for better compatibility Data security

Real-time monitoring

Instant responsiveness, problems averted

Discover the power of real-time data with the Assek Technologies web application. Stay connected to your facilities wherever you are, receive instant email or SMS alerts customizable to your standards and quality criteria, and proactively act for optimal building performance based on your establishment's tailored plan. Avoid potential issues and ensure smooth operations of your facilities by choosing secure, efficient, and high-performing software that empowers you to anticipate challenges and be self-reliant.

Standardized for better compatibility

Trend analysis and automation

Intelligent automation, enhanced performance

Anticipate needs and maximize resource efficiency through trend analysis, automated reports, personalized alerts, and comprehensive data history. Opt for a proactive approach that optimizes building maintenance, reduces operational costs, enhances overall performance, and allows for swift action. Transform data into strategic insights for informed decision-making, all while ensuring optimal facility utilization. With the Assek Technologies web application, intelligent building management becomes a reality, enabling you to stay in control and achieve new levels of performance.

Data security

Data security

Unwavering security, total serinity

Choose peace of mind with encrypted and perpetually secured data, ensuring the absolute confidentiality of your sensitive information. By adopting the Assek Technologies Web Application, you're investing in certainty and unwavering defense for your valuable data. Your success and operational security are our utmost priority. Benefit from invaluable protection that guarantees the integrity of your information while eliminating any risk to your data security.

Maximum protection of all of your data


Your data is steadfastly protected by a robust and secure authentication system, while preserving your complete ownership and control over them.

access levels

Adapt access levels according to your needs, customizing user rights to restrict their control or reading, ensuring secure and targeted data management.


Ensure uninterrupted availability with highly secure server redundancy. Our servers are hosted to the industry's highest standards, and a backup copy of all data is made daily.

A proven expertise in your hands

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