Service for significant and complex water damage

Impeccable restoration through air injection

Central to this service is a team of passionate specialists with expertise in diverse building types and materials. Assek Technologies offers rapid equipment deployment to eliminate the need for demolition, guaranteeing meticulous oversight from your initial call to the application of our seal of guarantee. With reduced costs and timelines, you can proceed with confidence and uninterrupted operations.

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Safeguarding structures and upholding integrity

Backed by our proficient technicians and continuous R&D endeavors, our expertise empowers us to offer a seamless and expedient drying service for all material types. Furthermore, as we uphold the stringent hygiene standards of distinct sectors, your structures benefit from the assurance of 'White Cross' guaranteed drying.

A complete process in a few steps

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Step 1

Service inquiry

The process commences with a service call. Subsequently, the Assek Technologies team initiates the file and project setup. An access link is shared, keeping the designated contact person informed about the forthcoming steps during the work process. An assessment of the damage will be conducted, and a detailed plan for the necessary drying process will be devised, providing clear delineation of the affected areas.

Step 2

Diagnostic and action plan

In the second phase, the Assek Technologies team mobilizes on-site to confirm and continue data collection, thus advancing the drying project's development process. Once the plan is established, Assek Technologies is capable of providing a clear and precise estimate of the time, required labor, and costs for the complete execution of the work. A thermographic photo is captured to provide a clear representation of humidity levels, enhancing process transparency. Bluetooth-connected sensors are deployed to enable real-time monitoring of progress.

Step 3


The third step involves the Assek Technologies team methodically analyzing the spaces and rooms slated for interventions. If needed, flexible enclosures are set up to ensure the safety of the affected areas. Subsequently, appropriate perforations are made to introduce drying equipment and flexible pipelines. The drying process can then commence, essential for preventing fungal proliferation and contamination.

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Step 4

Modifications and adjustments

After the drying phase, the fourth step comes into play. Sensors continue to identify areas requiring additional drying, enabling the team to make targeted adjustments. Concurrently, thermography provides a before-and-after comparative view, essential for concluding operations and restoring the affected areas. This methodical approach ensures a complete recovery of the affected spaces to their initial state.

Step 5

The White Cross Guarantee

The final step is the delivery of the White Cross Guarantee. We are committed to ensuring optimal drying for all our projects. We take samples from materials affected by water or humidity and send them to an independent laboratory for analysis, ensuring complete quality assurance of our services. Before sealing our intervention with our white cross seal, you will receive a detailed report, attesting to the safety and overall health of your buildings and their occupants. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Distinctive benefits

Complete safety

Worry-free savings

Unmatched speed

Assek Technologies prioritizes your safety. Our preventive measures and customized containment zones guarantee optimal air quality during the drying process.

Assek Technologies promotes financial savings. Our expertise and tools prevent demolition, reconstruction, and reconfiguration costs, while also eliminating hidden fees.

Assek Technologies accelerates the process. Our innovative drying ensures swift on-site intervention. With the use of flexible pipelines, restoration takes only a few hours. Our project management software optimizes timelines.

Unparalleled intelligent protection for connected, sustainable, and healthy buildings

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